How to Stop Bluetooth Automatically Turning On / Off on Android

How to Stop Bluetooth Automatically Turning On / Off on Android

Does Bluetooth on your Android phone automatically turn on or turn off automatically? Many Android phone users complain about this problem and they are not sure why? In this article, we will explain why Bluetooth on Android continues to turn on or turn itself off and how to fix problems.

Why Does Bluetooth Automatically Turn on Android?

There are a number of reasons for this. However, the most likely cause for Bluetooth to turn on automatically on an Android device is due to the following reasons:

  1. Bluetooth scanning to improve location accuracy
  2. Permission is given to the application to change system settings

How to Stop Bluetooth from Turning Automatically on Android

Because there are various Android phone manufacturers, the method for turning off Bluetooth will vary from one Android device to another. Also, various versions of Android will have different ways to manage Bluetooth settings. However, all android devices provide an option for you to enable or disable Bluetooth in the Settings application.

To stop Bluetooth from automatically activating on android, you need to change the following settings.

1. Disable Bluetooth Scanning: Go to Settings -> Location -> Improve Accuracy -> Disable Bluetooth Scanning1

2. Prohibit Application Permissions: Go to Settings -> Apps -> Select applications whose permissions will be denied -> Advanced -> Applications that can change system settings -> Toggle Allow permissions to be turned off.


3. Repeat Step 2 for other applications that are given permission to change system settings.

Doing this will permanently turn off Bluetooth on your Android cellphone and it won’t come back to life automatically without your knowledge.

How to Stop Bluetooth from Turning Off Automatically on Android

Why does Bluetooth automatically turn off on Android?

Android has a built-in feature that automatically turns off WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS when the battery is low and your phone goes into power saving mode. When you recharge the battery, the battery will not come back to life unless you do it manually.

To enable Bluetooth on Android manually, follow these steps.

1. Go to Settings -> Connection -> Bluetooth -> Activate Bluetooth3

2. Or, swipe down the notification panel from the top and look for the Bluetooth icon and tap on it. Bluetooth is active if the icon is blue.

3. You can also turn off Bluetooth Scan to stop Bluetooth from turning on or turning off intermittently. To do this, go to Settings -> Location -> Improve Accuracy -> Disable Bluetooth Scanning.


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